Blockchain Courses Cape Town

Blockchain Courses Cape Town

Blockchain Courses Cape Town

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Blockchain Courses Cape Town

Blockchain Training – Cape Town

Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath the flat top Table Mountain. Slowly rotating cable cars climb to the mountain’s flat top, from which there are sweeping views of the city, the busy harbor and boats heading for Robben Island. – wiki

Get an idea how blockchain technology fits into the existing financial systems, and how applications such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto currency can be utilized for optimum growth.

Frequently asked questions about the Bitcoin Courses Cape Town.

How do you become a Blockchain specialist?
Blockchain Expert Jobs: Steps That You Need to Take
  1. Learn About Technology and Enterprise Businesses.
  2. Understand Decentralized and Distributed Ledgers.
  3. Be a Specialist on Various Programming Languages.
  4. Develop Your Cross-discipline Broad Skills.
  5. Study Different Blockchain Platforms.
  6. Learn About Enterprise Business Processes.
Is Blockchain legal in South Africa?

According to Approach to Assets Created Through Blockchain. Currently in South Africa there are no specific laws or regulations that address the use of virtual currencies. Consequently, no legal protection or recourse is afforded to users of virtual currencies.

Where can I study Blockchain?
7 Free and Paid Courses to Learn BlockChain Development
  • Blockchain Theory 101.
  • Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals.
  • Blockchain Fundamentals.
  • Blockchain Basics by Coursera.
  • Ethereum Development Course — Blockchain at Berkeley.
  • Blockchain Technology by edX.
  • Blockchain Fundamentals - School of IT
Which Blockchain certification is the best?
Best Blockchain Courses/ Certifications (2021) ranked by Bankers
  • Blockchain Developer Nanodegree from Udacity.
  • Online Degree in Blockchain from Blockchain Council.
  • Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services from INSEAD.
  • Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals from Berkeley.
  • Certified Blockchain Developer from Blockchain Council.
  • Blockchain certificate from School of IT
Planning to get Blockchain Technology Certification in South Africa?


Here is a table of Blockchain Technology courses in South Africa

Institute Name City Course Name Duration Course Fee
Blockchain Academy Cape Town Blockchain Advanced Course 5 hours R850
University of Johannesburg Johannesburg Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies - -
Enterprises University of Pretoria Pretoria Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Basics - -
UCT - GetSmarter Cape Town Blockchain and Digital Currency online short course 6 weeks R12 900
School of IT South Africa, Worldwide Blockchain 20 hours R14 900

Top Blockchain Technology Institutes in South Africa

1. Blockchain Academy, Cape Town

2. University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg

3. Enterprises University of Pretoria, Pretoria

4. UCT GetSmarter, Cape Town

5. School of IT, South Africa

Cost of Blockchain Technology courses in South Africa

The average cost price of the course is R10 000

Duration of Blockchain Technology courses in South Africa

The average duration of the course is 4-20 hours

Bitcoin cryptocurrency courses Cape Town overview

Why learn blockchain Technology?

Overall Blockchain is said to be the new internet. In turn Blockchain is a technology stack of cryptocurrencies. Thus by understanding the concepts of Blockchain. Thus you will be able to make smarter investments and tradings online. In turn technology will help you shortlist the best ICOs based on their concepts. This course on Blockchain will prepare you for a solid foundation from where you can kickstart your venture in the world Blockchain. All in all learn about Blockchain and related technologies such as Bitcoin, Smart Contract, Ethereum as well as how Blockchain is used in real world.

Bitcoin Courses Cape Town?

All in all School of IT offers a wide range of courses for a variety of courses. Furhtermore the blockchain course focues on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We also offer customized courses based on your outcomes.

Blockchain Courses Cape Town?

Overall With crypto assets and blockchain technologies growing at increasing rates, the ability to analyse and understand how the latest trends in the finance and trading works. Thus you will fundamentally change the way the financial system functions. Furthermore soon all Organisations that adapt will compete with cryptocurrencies or offer services that support the industry.

Blockchain Courses Cape Town Offered

Learn Blockchain technology anytime, anywhere!

Overall learn anytime and anywhere. We have 3 training options and we have award-winning coding courses. In turn deep understanding of how Blockchain works.


Fast forward your career in Blockchain technology with a part-time course at School of IT. Part-time courses allow working professionals to transition into a new skill set while working. In turn at School of IT we are agile and customize a course to the individual.

Full Time

Ready to start a career Blockchain technology or cryptocurrency as a full time student at School of IT.

High School

Create games online and prepare for the future while you’re still in high school.


Learn Blockchain technologies and up skill yourself or your company by while you’re working.

Top 3 Reasons why you should learn Blockchain

1. High Demand for Blockchain

Blockchain and related jobs have seen a growth of more than 200% year on year. Blockchain is also among the top 5 skills in demand. Companies such as IBM, Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase have started working on Blockchain technology and creating pioneering solutions.

2. The Future of Trading

All inall Blockchain is unlocking new ways of doing business, from Finance to Healthcare. It is said that all those applications that can be decentalised using Blockchain technology, will be decentralised. So by going through and learning concepts of Blockchain from this course, you will be ready for any disruption that will be caused.

3. Disruption of ecosystems

Overall Bitcoin is a prime example of how Blockchain technology has been implemented. In turn Since 2008 Bitcoin has disrupted the payment ecosystem across the world. In turn alot of industries are realising that blockchain technology is vital. Thus have started adopting Blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Courses Cape Town Objectives

Blockchain Training Course Outline

  • Overall an Introduction to Blockchain basics.
  • Hyperledger: Distributed Ledger Technology in Blockchain.
  • All in all Know the difference between Database and Blockchain.
  • Introduction to Cryptography, Cryptography and Cryptographic Hash Functions in Blockchain.
  • Block mining of a Blockchain works using – Peer-to-Peer network, Proof-Of-Work Algorithm.
  • Sample code to understand how Hashing works.
  • Thus How Cryptocurrency works.
  • Knowledge of CBDCs that will give you the latest developments of finance.
  • In turn Smart Contracts in Blockchain environment.
  • Learn to deploy and develop smart contracts on Ethereum test network, Hyperledger and Corda; three leading Blockchain technology platforms.
  • Which Blockchain platforms among Ethereum, Hyperledger or Corda.
  • Public and Private Keys in Bitcoin.
  • In turn learn about Bitcoin Wallets.
  • Insight into crypto asset and digital currencies in the South African and emerging market context.
  • Not to mention how to buy and Sell Bitcoins.

Who should attend the Blockchain Courses Cape Town

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone person who wants to learn Blockchain.
  • Interested in Bitcoin and ewallets.
  • Consultants and technology enthusiasts.
  • Functional Managers and Subject Matter Experts.
  • Corporate Executives and Decision makers.

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